Fairmount Automation Products

Fairmount Automation's hardware and software enables organizations to improve the productivity of their equipment and to realize a lower total ownership cost. Please click on a product below to get more information or contact a sales person.



Family of industrial control, communication, and power modules that integrate seamlessly to form a high-performance Programmable Automation Controller (PAC).


Rugged multi-loop process controller for extreme environments.


Next generation rugged multi-loop process controller.


Design Pad G4

Forth-generation graphical programming and simulation environment for Chameleon and the FAC-2100.

Schema Viewer G4

Read-Only viewer for Design Pad G4 Programs and HMIs.

Design Pad 2000 Professional

Graphical programming and simulation environment for the FAC-2000.

Schema Viewer 2000

Read-Only viewer for Design Pad 2000 Programs.


Fairmount Automation's industrial networking protocol.

FairNET OPC Server

OPC DA compliant server for the FairNET networking protocol.



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