Next generation Intrinsic Cyber Security

Designed from the ground up with a cyber secure focus (Hardware, Software and Firmware)

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Mil-Grade Control & Automation Equipment

We are the OEM for our own rugged controllers for these harsh environments

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Fire Detection Notification & Supression

Overwatch: a full suite of components to implement any detection, alarm, or suppression system

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Custom Control Panels & Systems

Experts in design, integration and manufacture turn-key critical military grade automation systems

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Who We Are

Fairmount Automation delivers innovative control solutions to military, transportation and industrial automation markets. Its products are installed throughout the world, controlling a wide variety of mission-critical and safety-critical processes and machinery.

Cyber Security Focused Design

We continue to develop automation products from the ground up with a Cyber Security focus:

  • Next Generation Chameleon+ PLCs
  • Next Generation FAC-2100+ Muti-Loop Process Controllers
  • Overwatch Fire Detection System
  • Touchscreens

Control & Automation Equipment

Fairmount Automation features its own line of Control and Automation products:

  • Chameleon PLC Line / And NEW Chameleon+ PLCs
  • TS-1 Touchscreen HMI
  • FAC-2100 / And NEW FAC-2100+ Multiloop Controller

Fire Detection, Notification, and Suppression

Featuring the Overwatch Fire Detection System

  • UL and Military grade Fire Panels
  • Fire Detectors and Sensors
  • Alarm and Warning Notifications
  • Remote Annunciators
  • Monitored Switches and Pull Stations
  • Fire Suppression

Custom Control Panels & Systems

Providing critical system controllers to the US Navy for over 20 years, including:

  • Critical Cooling Controller
  • Emergency Diesel Generator Controls
  • Magazine Sprinkling Controllers
  • Motor Starters
  • Modular Refrigeration Unit Controllers

Control Panel Assembly & Fabrication

State of the art assembly and testing facility:

  • Custom panel building
  • In-house and lab testing expertise
  • DCMA inspections available