Microsoft Excel Configuration

File:Microsoft Office Excel (2019–present).svg

Overwatch FDS leverages the familiar data handling and manipulation capability of Microsoft Excel for fire system configuration. A specially crafted spreadsheet is provided that gives the ability to define all the components in the system, their configuration, and system operating modes. Below are some example configuration screens.

System Panel Setup

Panel Detail Setup (SLCs, etc.)

System Zone Setup

Import into Design Pad

When configuration is complete, the MS Excel spreadsheet is imported into Fairmount Automation’s Design Pad software. Design Pad will read the contents of the spreadsheet, validate the configuration, and store the data in a set of files that include the workspace and hardware interface files. Design Pad contains interfaces to configure and maintain all of the security related information for the system including defined users, roles, groups, and authentication keys.

Export to Excel

If needed, the fire detection system workspaces can be exported back into a spreadsheet format for editing. Or, the initial spreadsheet can be edited and re-imported with changes.

Design Pad to Panels

Once the fire detection system setup is complete, Design Pad is used to interface with a Fire Panel to download the configuration and perform maintenance functions.