The Overwatch FDS supports the following notification types:

  • SLC Notification Bases
  • Control Panel Notification Actuation Circuit (NAC) with attached Notification Appliances
  • SLC Notification Actuation Circuit (SLC NAC) with attached Notification Appliances
  • SLC Notification Appliances

SLC Notification Bases

SLC Notification Bases are detector bases that include audible and visual notification for warning and/or alarm conditions. Click here for more information.

Control Panel Notification Actuation Circuit

The Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) includes a Notification Actuation Circuit (NAC) with Wheelock Synchronization. This Class A or B interface is used to connect to visible and/or audible notification appliances. This interface can drive a variety of notification devices including horns and horn/strobe modules.

  • Class A or B
  • Dual-rated, power-limited, and supervised
  • Special Application or Regulated
  • 24VDC, 1A
  • Built-in Wheelock synchronization

SLC Notification Actuation Circuit

The SLC Notification Actuation Circuit Module allows the FACP to control a set of notification appliances from the SLC network. Its internal circuitry provides mechanisms for both driving the appliances (power-limited) and optionally synchronizing them using the Wheelock protocol. This circuitry also monitors the wiring and power sources for faults and reports error conditions to the FACP.

The notification appliances can be wired as a Class A loop or Class B bus. Power for the network interface is derived from the SLC. Power for the notification appliances originates from a separate connection to the monitored FACP Aux Power output.

  • IP67 metal enclosure
  • Built-in SLC isolator
  • Front status indicators
  • EMI cable glands with 360 degree shield
  • Lock hasp
  • Part Number without internal sync: 02105-185
  • Part Number with Wheelock Sync: 02105-186

NAC Notification Appliances

The Control Panel and SLC NAC circuits can drive a variety of Fairmount Automation and third party notification appliances including the following examples:

Weatherproof Audible Horn
Weatherproof Audible Horn with Strobe
  • Rugged enclosure
  • Continuous or Code-3 sound up to 99dBA
  • EMI cable glands with 360 degree shield
  • Lock hasp
  • Class A loop or Class B bus
  • Supports Wheelock Synchronization
  • FA Part Number 02105-187
  • Approvals include: ULC, UL 1638, UL 464
  • Meets OSHA 29 Part 1910.165.
  • ULC listed
  • -35°C to 66°C (-31°F to 150°F) extended temperature range
  • 24VDC with wide UCL Listed Voltage
  • Supports Wheelock Synchronization
  • Cooper Sounder – AH-24WP-R
Horn with Strobe
Marine Approved Sounder/Beacon
  • EMC testing to IEC 60533 – Electrical and electronic installations in ships 
  • Environmental testing to IEC 60092-504 – Installation in ships: Control and instrumentation
  • 32 selectable tones
  • Industry specific Marine General Alarm tone and IMO Code 2 Continuous signal
  • Twist and lock bayonet mounting system
  • Red, Amber, Clear, Blue and Green lens color options
  • Made from ABS Fire Retardant Plastic
  • High Output Horn VTB EN54-4

SLC Notification Appliances

The following notification appliances connect directly to the SLC network. Control Panels can individually control the devices and no additional power source is needed.

Isolating Multi-tone Sounder/Horn and Strobe

The XP95 Open-Area Multi-Tone Sounder VID is designed for use in outdoor open areas. The product is loop-powered and does not require an external power supply. It only consumes 5mA with 100dB(A) sound; With sound and visual indication consumption is 9mA.

  • Choice of tones on standard device: Apollo, Slow Whoop, and DIN
  • IP66 rated
  • Two Volume settings 92dB(A) and 100dB(A)
  • Synchronization of ‘alert’ and ‘evacuate’ tones
  • Individual and group addressing
  • Built-in isolator
  • Model 55000-298APO

UL Isolating Sounder/Horn

The XP95A Open-Area Sounder has been designed for use in open areas and can be connected to any Discovery UL or XP95A system.

  • For use with XP95A and Discovery UL systems
  • Self-test fault monitoring
  • Two volume settings: 92dB(A) and 100dB(a)
  • Built-in isolator
  • Synchronization of tones
  • Individual and group addressing
  • Red or white options
  • Loop powered
  • IP65 rated
  • Model 55000-041USA

UL Sounder/Horn and Strobe

Discovery UL Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator with red body and red flash.

  • UL 464 Certified
  • 15 Pairs of Tones (EN54-3 Sounder)
  • 7 Volume Levels
  • Visual Indicator Beacon (Red-Flash)
  • Discovery (works on XP95 & CoreProtocol)
  • Model 58000-011USA