Fairmount Automation design, developed, and delivered the actuator electronics and software that operate the DDG 1000 Chilled Water (CW) and Firemain (FM) Smart Valve Systems. The FM Smart Valve System functions to automatically realign the ship’s FM system in response to battle damage, component malfunctions and overload conditions in order to restore pressure to intact portions of the FM. The CW Smart Valve System functions to refill of the CW expansion tanks and automatically realign the CW system to restore cooling to intact portions of the system.

The actuators are fully programmable using Fairmount Automation’s Design Pad programming environment which enables the designer to implement sophisticated distributed control algorithms.

These actuators have two integrated pressure transducers that indicate the absolute pressure on piping side A and piping side B of the valve.  The assembly includes an isolation valve that allows the pressure sensor to be removed without needing to take the valve out of service. 

There are multiple variants of the assembly including options for 115VAC or three phase 440VAC power, 4 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs, and 2 solid state relay outputs. The actuator includes Ethernet networking with built-in support for Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, and custom TCP and UDP protocols. The operator interface allows full local control with a backup manual actuator wheel. The actuator interfaces with a variety of standard Navy valves sized from 2″ to 6″ NPS.