Fairmount Automation’s mission is to become the leading provider of survivable process control and automation products for harsh environments.  We aim to be the dominant automation equipment OEM for military applications and to consistently gain market share in the worldwide industrial controls market. We intend to follow a path of financially responsible growth that delivers steadily increasing profits and maximizes shareholder value.  We will achieve these goals by delivering technologically superior products that minimize our end-user’s overall ownership costs and by fostering a work environment that rewards innovation, hard work, and entrepreneurship.



1996 – FA controllers used to implement 1st digital automatic boiler control system

– Automatic control of combustion, feed water and main feed pumps for main propulsion boilers

2004 – FA develops distributed control system software for Autonomic Fire Suppression System (AFSS)

– Prototype AFSS undergoes weapon effect testing to validate concept for DDG 1000

2010 – FA designs and produces 1st electronic magazine sprinkling control system

– Replaces antiquated, obsolete, and unreliable thermo-pneumatic systems

2019 – FA delivers turn-key water mist control system for DDG 51 Flight III

– Water mist is an alternative to Halon fire extinguishing systems in machinery spaces

2020 – FA develops product line of MIL-SPEC addressable fire detection & alarm system components

Today we continue to serve our customers with the same zeal, enthusiasm, and entrepreneurial spirit that has been a defining characteristic of Fairmount’s success since its founding.