Our products feature an expansive set of cyber hardened features, built from the ground up to support the most stringent cyber requirements.

  • All panels support Role Base Authentication Control (RBAC). RBAC allows the creation of rights (specific features to regulate), roles (collection of rights), and users (with assigned roles) to control access.
  • The configuration software will set all communication ports to disabled by default
  • Configuration parameters can only be changed using the configuration software and the configuration port
  • All Configuration data / parameters will be checked to ensure they are within acceptable ranges prior to loading the configuration
  • Configuration will be stored in a data file that requires elevation of an operator with the Configuration Role for write access
  • The configuration port will not auto-execute software or firmware beyond that which is necessary to complete the connection to the configuration tool
  • The configuration port will use encrypted communications when interfacing with the configuration tool
  • Provide portable ‘program-only’ configuration tools that can run on a variety of platforms (including Linux), does not need to be installed, and can run from a read-only device such as a read-only DVD
  • Access Control Lists: List that will allow or reject traffic from specified set of addresses (MAC and IP).