Fairmount Automation’s core system integration expertise is in the area of highly distributed automation systems for machinery control. Its most notable recent experience is in the development of advanced automated damage control systems that aim to reduce required manning levels in naval surface combatants. The Company’s recent experience has been focused on the development of automated shipboard fluid systems (e.g., firemain, chilled water) that autonomously detect and isolate piping ruptures, and then reconfigure the system without operator intervention, to continue to meet the system’s intended purpose.

Most recently, Fairmount Automation designed, implemented, and successfully deployed the distributed control system at the heart of an Autonomic Fire Suppression System (AFSS) prototype. Fairmount Automation’s system was successfully installed and tested on ex-USS SHADWELL as part of the DD(X) Phase III AFSS Engineering Development Model (EDM). The AFSS EDM was a resounding success with the system successfully responding to all of the live-fire test scenarios that were conducted.

Fairmount Automation also developed a predecessor AFSS prototype that was successfully demonstrated during a Weapons Effects Test (WET) on ex-USS PETERSON. Three test events during WET demonstrated the system’s capability to provide a fully automatic (unmanned) response to a weapon hit. During this series of tests, the firefighting and automation systems detected and isolated damage inflicted upon the shipboard firemain and watermist systems, activated the firefighting systems to contain and suppress the fires in the primary damage area, and monitored the progress of the fire and the damage control response.

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