Fairmount Automation has an experienced engineering staff that is available to complement your in-house team. FA engineers can assist in any aspect of your control system project life-cycle, including deckplate installation support. Our role can range from simply serving as a hardware supplier, to providing technical consultation on an as-needed basis, to executing a portion of the project, to managing the entire effort.

Unforeseen events can arise even with the best planned and managed control system projects. When they occur at the latter stages of a project, they tend to have maximum impact on cost overruns and schedule slippage. Having expert personnel available on-site at system installation time, often proves to be invaluable when events don't unfold according to plan and technology "chooses not to cooperate". FA engineers have a broad and deep experience base with a wide variety of process, instrumentation, and automation equipment. They have participated in the successful deployment of a large number of automation projects, particularly on U.S. Navy ships (including underway support).