The Isolator is placed at intervals on the loop and ensures that, in the case of a short circuit, only the section between the isolators will be affected. When the short circuit is removed, the isolators automatically restore power and data to the isolated section.
XP95 Model (55000-750USA)



  • Wide interior diameter for ease of access to cables and terminals
  • ‘E-Z Fit’ allows for simple mounting of the detector base after wiring
  • Isolated and non-isolated devices supported
  • Isolated wiper – maintains loop connectivity during temporary removal of devices

Fits all Apollo detectors from the Soteria, Discovery and XP95 ranges (SA5100-600APO)

Isolator Base

The Isolator Base is unique and designed to only accept the Isolator 55000-720

Intrinsically Safe Base

• One Way Fit
• Only accepts IS detectors
• XPERT addressing
Soteria Model (45681-215APO)


Blank Cover

Used for protection in shipping and when detector is not attached.

Address Cards
  • Allows installation in all base types, meaning you only need to carry this one type of card alleviating the need for multiple cards when using Apollo products.
  • Flexibility to create any address; includes 128th pip for CoreProtocol systems
  • An additional lead-in on the address pips allows for a higher tolerance
  • Simplifies and speeds up installation and commissioning
  • Address remains the same, no matter how often the detectors are replaced