Our products feature an expansive set of cyber hardened features, built from the ground up to support the most stringent cyber requirements.

Implement “Trust Group” to ensure that only certified components (hardware and software) are operating the system. If components are introduced that are not certified then systems can alert operators. Trust Group concepts include:

  • Components are assigned to trust groups with associated Credentials
  • Components must belong to the same trust group to inter-operate (Credentials authenticated)
  • Only trusted hardware items can be used
  • Only trusted software (firmware and User program) can be installed
  • Multi-factor Authentication for Configuration
    • Must possess original configuration files (with keys)
    • Must know the password for user with Configuration Rights
  • Summary: All panels include FIPS compliant mechanisms that can validate network attached panels and third party devices (machinery control systems, remote interfaces, configuration laptops, etc) are trusted members