Chameleon™ Mounting Rails

Chameleon mounting rails provide an easy and universal method to mount Chameleon modules to a surface which requires a welded/bolted structure between the mounting surface and the PAC.  The rails are especially useful in rugged industrial or military applications where the mounting scheme must occupy minimum volume and be light weight.

The rails are composed of the following parts:

Mounting Foot:
The foot connects the rail to the mounting surface and is designed to allow a choice of welded or bolted connection to the surface.  A bolt connects the foot to the rail.

Mounting Rail:
Rails include Chameleon mounting holes precut every half inch to ensure compatibility with any possible node configuration. They also have foot mounting holes every 6 inches. Rails come in a variety of lengths which then can be cut to a desired length for installation.

Mounting Rail Template:
During installation it is important to set the rail-to-rail separation to match the Chameleon footprint. It may not be desirable to mount the PAC on the rails during drilling, welding, and/or hammering operations. The mounting rail template is available as a temporary spacer that ensures correct spacing without fear of damaging the controller.

Mounting Rail Fastener Hardware:
A bolt, lock washer, and fender washer are required for each foot/rail junction. They can also used for bolted connections to the mounting surface.

Below are four example mounting configurations.

1) Weld Mount:

2) Side Weld Mount:

3) Bolt Mount:

4) Stud Mount:

Use the part numbers in the table below when ordering the mounting rails:

Fairmount Part Number Description
21027-002 Chameleon Mounting Rail Foot
21034-001 Chameleon Mounting Rail (24" Length)
21034-002 Chameleon Mounting Rail (36" Length)
21034-003 Chameleon Mounting Rail (42" Length)
21034-000 Chameleon Mounting Rail Installation Template
50040-009 Chameleon Mounting Rail Bolt, Lockwasher, and Fenderwasher (25 pack)