Features and Benefits

  • Multi-Loop High-Performance Process Control
  • Versatile I/O (4-20mA, 0-10V, RTD, Discrete Logic, Relays, etc.)
  • Can be configured for Motor Control (PWM, Encoders, etc.)
  • Modbus, Custom ASCII/Binary Messaging, and Fairnet Networking
  • Prominent displays and intuitive user-interface
  • Aluminum/steel construction — fully sealed enclosure
  • -20°C to +65°C (-4°F to +149°F) operating range
  • MIL-STD-901D Grade A for High Impact Shock
  • MIL-STD-167B for Vibration
  • MIL-STD-461E for Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Powerful and easy-to-use graphical programming
  • Available with mil-spec miniature cylindrical connectors
  • Significantly faster microprocessor and increased memory when compared to the FAC-2100
  • Cyber security enhancements including secure boot with firmware and configuration validation, intrusion detection, role-based authentication control (RBAC), hardware validation, encrypted files/communication, trust groups, and historical logging with evidence of critical events
  • USB port that may be used for configuration and/or computer-less programming

The Fairmount Automation Controller Series, Model 2100+ (FAC-2100+) is a general-purpose, highly configurable, multi-loop process controller.  Its aluminum-steel construction makes the controller extremely rugged — it is specifically designed for operation in environments susceptible to extreme temperature, humidity, pollution, corrosion, shock, and/or vibration.  To install the MIL-STD-901D Grade A shock qualified device, simply cut out the specified pattern in your console or panel and bolt the controller in — no special shock/vibration mounts, supports, or brackets are required.

The FAC-2100+ digital process controller is equipped with a wide array of I/O capabilities.  It combines the analog functionality of a standard process controller, with the digital functionality normally associated with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).  In its standard configuration, the FAC-2100+ has three analog inputs, two analog outputs, two universal digital inputs, eight standard digital inputs, two digital outputs, and four form-C relays.  Additional I/O can be added to the device through remote I/O points from our Chameleon+ product line.

FAC-2100+ controllers are configured with the Design Pad G5 graphical programming environment.  Design Pad technology makes setting up, debugging, and fine-tuning your control scheme quick and easy.  It also allows the device to be very versatile — virtually every feature from the front-panel displays to the back-panel I/O and everything in between can be customized to fit your needs.

The user interface on the front panel of the FAC-2100+ provides 2 bar graphs, 3 numeric displays, and 3 lines of scrolling alpha/numeric text.  It allows users instant access to the application-specific parameter values that were tagged as operator-adjustable in the controller’s program.  With the ‘Set Menu’ (the upper three keys) the user can easily change parameter values, tune a system, turn outputs on or off, etc.  The ‘Automatic/Manual (A/M) Menu’ (the three lower keys) allows an operator to quickly change and manipulate the A/M state of one or more control loops.

The FAC-2100+ also supports various industrial networking protocols via RS-485 and/or RS-232 communication ports.  Supported protocols include FairNET, Modbus ASCII (master and slave), Modbus RTU (master and slave), Custom ASCII, or Custom Binary protocols. FairNET provides both deterministic and non-deterministic messaging, automatic bus mediation, and a robust master-slave architecture.

Operating Ambient Temperature Range -20°C to 65°C
Storage/Transport Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C
High Impact Shock MIL-STD-901D, Grade A
Mechanical Vibration MIL-STD-167B
Electro-Magnetic Interference MIL-STD-461E
Facial Protection NEMA 4
Housing Protection NEMA 4
Quantity / Resolution 3 Channels / 16 Bits
Sampling Rate 50Hz Maximum
Current Input Ranges Supported 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Current Input Accuracy +/-40uA at 25°C, +/-100uA Over Temperature
Standard Voltage Input Ranges Supported 0-20V, 0-10V, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-2.5V
Standard Voltage Input Range Accuracy +/-36mV at 25°C, +/-86mV Over Temperature
Low Voltage Input Ranges Supported 0-1V, 0-500mV, 0-250mV, 0-100mV
Low Voltage Input Range Accuracy +/-2mV at 25°C, +/-5mV Over Temperature
Resistance Input Range Supported 0-2400Ω
Resistance Input Range Accuracy +/-2.4 or +/-0.4% of Reading (whichever is smaller) Over Temperature
RTD Support 3 Wire, 100Ω Platinum (European or American curve), 120Ω Nickel, or Custom
RTD Accuracy +/- 1°C Over Temperature
Quantity / Resolution 2 Channels / 14 Bits
Current Output Ranges Supported 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Current Output Range Accuracy +/-40uA at 25°C, +/-100uA Over Temperature
Voltage Output Ranges Supported 0-10V, 0-5V
Voltage Output Range Accuracy +/-40mV at 25°C, +/-100mV Over Temperature
Quantity / Type 2 Channels / Opto-isolated
Input Signal Support 5VDC, 28VDC (at approximately 7mA)
Single-Input Operating Modes on/off (i.e., switch), pulse counter, frequency counter
Dual-Input Operating Modes event timer, quadrature decoder
Maximum Frequency 500 KHz
Quantity / Type 8 Channels / Opto-isolated
Maximum Allowable Continuous Input Voltage 200 VDC or 140 VAC RMS
Maximum Allowable Voltage Spike 1000V peak 1.2µS x 50µS pulse per MIL-STD-1399 Section 300
Logic High Voltage Range 5-200 VDC or 24-130 VAC RMS 55-500 Hz
Minimum Input Duration for Logic High Detection 4 ms
Logic Low Voltage Range 0-1 VDC or 0-0.5 VAC RMS 55-500 Hz
Minimum Input Duration For Logic Low Detection 56 ms
Minimum Input Current Required (AC and DC inputs) 5mA RMS
Quantity / Type 2 Channels / Opto-isolated Transistor
Output SIgnal Support Up to 28VDC (40mA maximum)
Operating Modes on/off, variable frequency square-wave, pulse width modulation (PWM)
Maximum Frequency 50 Hz
Quantity / Type 5 Relays Maximum / Up to 4 Mechanical Form “C” Relays and up to 3 Opto-isolated Solid State Form “A” Relays
Mechanical Relay Rated Signal Range 4 A (resistive) @ 24VDC or 120VAC, 2A (resistive) @240VAC
Solid State Relay Rated Signal Range 3 A @ 60VDC or 140VAC
Protocols Supported Modbus RTU/ASCII (Master or Slave), Custom Binary/ASCII Messaging, FairNET (Master and Slave)
Network Capacity Can drive 32 standard RS-485 unit loads or 256 FAC-2100
Network Capacity 256 FAC-2100s can be driven by a standard RS-485 transceiver
Max Baud Rate 1 Mbit / Second
Electrostatic Discharge Protection +/- 15 KV Human Body model
Signal Electrical Isolation from Control Circuitry 1500 VDC
Cable Fault Protection No spurious signals on receiver inputs if network cable is open or shorted
Biasing On-board 470Ω high and low
Termination On-board 110Ω
Numeric Displays Two user-programmable 4-digit and one user-programmable 3-digit, 7-segment digital readouts (0.4″ x 0.3″)
Analog Bargraphs Two user-programmable columns of 40 LEDs (4.0″ x 0.2″)
Status Readout Three user-programmable 8-character displays (7×5 pixel resolution)
Keypad Six positive tactile-feel push buttons
Weight 9 lbs
Front Panel Dimensions 5.5” W x 8.0” H
Depth (w/o cylindrical connector shells) 7.75″ D

Please refer to the following part numbers when ordering FAC-2100 controllers:

Fairmount Part Number Description
FAC-2100-DC-28-C Digital Controller with DC Input Power, 28VDC Output
FAC-2100-DC-28-C-RAAA Digital Controller with DC Input Power, 28VDC Output, and AC Solid-State Relays

FAC-2100 Accessories:

Fairmount Part Number Description
30110-015 EMI Chassis Ground Braid
01004-000 COM1 9/25 pin D RS-232 PC Serial Cable (5ft)

FAC-2100 Spare/Replacement Parts:

Fairmount Part Number Description
01001-007 Bezel Gasket
01001-008 Flange Gasket
01001-009 Side Access Panel Gasket
01001-010 Connector Plate Gasket
21001-000 Bezel
21005-000 Locking Clamp
21011-000 Gasket Mounting Spacers
30130-001 3 A, 250VAC, 1/4 x 1″, Slow-blow Fuse
50010-007 10-32 x 1 1/4 Socket Head Cap Screw SS