The FAC-2000 controller has been discontinued due to the obsolescence of a key component; new units are not available for sale.  Fairmount Automation has introduced a new generation multi-loop controller, the FAC-2100+, to replace the FAC-2000 controller.  While the FAC-2100 hardware is backward compatible with the FAC-2000, its software is not.

Fairmount Automation will continue to support FAC-2000 legacy units through its refurbishment program.


Technical Support

The links below provide technical documentation for the FAC-2000:

FAC-2000 Reference Manual (639KB, PDF format)

FAC-2000 Brochure and Specifications (525KB, PDF format)

FAC-2000 FairNET Wiring Guide (50.4KB, PDF format)


Software Downloads

FAC-2000 controllers are configured with the Design Pad 2000 graphical programming software package or with the Schema Viewer 2000 reader software package.  Click the links for additional information.

Released versions of the FAC-2000 embedded firmware are available below:

Control Code 2.10 (313KB, $cc format)

Control Code 1.21 (318KB, $cc format)