Chameleon™ Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs)

Click here to download an Interactive 3D model of a Chameleon node containing an ACP-1 half-sized module and PCM-1 full-sized module. 

Note: eDrawings Viewer is required to view this animation.  The program will be automatically downloaded if required.

Tips for viewing the model:

  • After downloading and double clicking on the eDrawing click "Close" to close the Welcome box.

  • Press "Play" to cycle though the 3D drawings.

  • At any point you can click stop to examine the model.  After the animation has stopped press the rotate button in the tool bar.  While holding the left mouse button, move your mouse to 3D rotate the model.  Either use the toolbar zoom controls or rotate your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.  Click on your mouse wheel and move the mouse to pan.