Alarm Switchboard Module Type 1 (ASM-1)

With the introduction of our new product line (Chameleon+), 2023 (or while supplies last) marks the end of production for legacy Chameleon (EOL Announcement). We will continue to provide technical support on all EOL products. In addition, we will continue to repair the EOL products for as long as replacement parts can be acquired.

Features and Benefits

  • Ten supervised circuits for alarm monitoring
  • Detects open, short, and +/- chassis faults on every channel
  • Two solid-state relay outputs to activate alarms
  • Ideal replacement for Navy IC/SM panels
  • Allows wide range of resistor values to support legacy alarms
  • Fully Sealed Enclosure (NEMA 4X, 6, 13 Protection)
  • -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F) Operating Range
  • -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F) Storage Range
  • MIL-S-901D Grade A for High Impact Shock (Pending)
  • MIL-STD-167B for Vibration (Pending)
  • MIL-STD-461E for Electro-Magnetic Interference (Pending)
  • Powerful and easy-to-use graphical programming
  • Supports Hot Swapping

The Chameleon Alarm Switchboard Module (ASM-1) monitors remote alarm contacts for closure to indicate an alarm condition.  The cable from the module to each alarm contact is also monitored for fault conditions such as a wire short, a wire open, and positive and/or negative terminal to chassis ground short.  The ASM-1 provides ten (10) such supervisory circuits.  The ASM-1 also provides two programmable solid-state relay outputs to activate external notification alarms (i.e., to provide plant operators additional audio or visual cues that an alarm condition has occurred).

With its on-board I/O suite, the ASM-1 can be combined with a power supply module (ACP-1 or DCP-1) and audio visual notification (AVN-1) module to replicate the functionality of a standard Navy IC/SM panel.  In contrast to competing solutions that require specific alarm circuit values, the ASM-1 supports a range of resistor values.  This flexibility enables the module’s use with a wide variety of legacy installations without the need to change the alarm circuit wiring.

Powered by a 33MHz ARM processor with 1MB of onboard RAM and 1MB of flash memory, the ASM-1 provides sufficient computational power to handle the most demanding applications.  The embedded firmware stored in its flash memory is upgradeable: you can rest assured that the hardware investment you make in Chameleon will not become obsolete.

Using Fairmount Automation’s intuitive and easy-to-use graphical programming package (Design Pad) you can develop sophisticated monitoring schemes for the ASM-1 in a matter of hours—even without any prior programming experience.  Programming the device entails “drawing” a desired monitoring application using a vast array of configurable function blocks.  Once complete, configuration programs are downloaded to the unit via a wireless IR interface.

The ASM-1 provides an integral user-interface for local indication.  The ASM-1 front panel provides a suite of LEDs that indicate the status of the supervised circuits. These include three green LEDs per channel to indicate specific alarm states (normal, cutout, or standby), one red LED indicating positive chassis ground fault condition, and one red LED indicating negative chassis ground  fault condition.  The local panel also includes eight user-programmable three-color LEDs with an associated tag holder for signal labeling, as well as buttons to acknowledge and clear alarm conditions and to test that an alarm and its corresponding indicators are operational.

As with all Chameleon modules, the ASM-1 offers unequaled ruggedness.  It is specifically designed for sustained operation in severe environments, including those characterized by extreme shock, vibration, electro-magnetic interference, temperature, and/or humidity.  Its fully-sealed enclosure (sealing end-caps not pictured) ensures long-lasting operation in the grimiest settings.  In fact, Chameleon modules can operate fully submerged.

Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to 65°C
Storage/Transport Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C
High Impact Shock MIL-S-901D, Grade A (Pending)
Mechanical Vibration MIL-STD-167B, 0-50Hz (Pending)
Electro-Magnetic Interference MIL-STD-461E (Pending)
Facial/Housing Protection NEMA 1,2,4,4X,5,6,12,12K,13
Quantity 10 Channels
Sampling frequency 10 Hz
Input range accuracy +/-10% of point (+/-150Ω min) over temperature
Electrical isolation: any input to control circuitry or chassis ground 400V
Maximum expected wire resistance 52.4Ω per leg (104.8Ω per cable)
Quantity / Type 2 Solid State Relays
Voltage Rating 115VAC Inductive or Resistive
Maximum Allowed Continuous Current (Any Single Relay) 1A
Expected alarm circuit Resistor R1 in series with parallel circuit consisting of Resistor R2 and Contact Closure K1
Allowable values for R1 0-11.5KΩ range; 1.5KΩ typical; must exceed Max Cable Resistance + 500Ω to enable cable short detection
Allowable values for R2 0-12.0KΩ range; 6.8KΩ typical; can be omitted but disables cable open detection
Other requirements on R1 / R2 selection (1) 500Ω < R1 + R2 < 12KΩ(2) R2 > 1.1 x R1 + Max Cable Resistance + 500Ω
Maximum Power Consumption 1.5W
Real-Time Clock Battery Life
(Minimum; No power applied, 25°C)
10 Years
Supported Cable Diameters Two glands 0.24”-0.47”; six glands 0.16”-0.31”
Supported Wire Gauges 16-28 AWG
Digital Readouts Ten user programmable three-color (red/yellow/green) LEDs with label holders
Channel Select Readouts One green LED per supervised circuit
Alarm Status Readouts Three green LEDs per supervised circuit; two red LEDs for all supervised circuits
Pushbuttons Channel Select (Previous / Next), Alarm Mode, Alarm Acknowledge, and Test
Status Readout

One three-color (red/yellow/green) LED Indicator

IR Wireless Interface


Weight 2.2 lbs
Front Panel Dimensions 4” W x 6” L
Enclosure Height 3″ H

The following part numbers can be used when ordering the Alarm Switchboard Module (ASM-1).

Fairmount Part Number Description
01012-065 ASM-1 with Gray Enclosure
01012-365 ASM-1 with Black Enclosure (without Stuffing Tubes)  
11070-200 ASM-1 Active Board and Gray Cover
11070-250 ASM-1 Active Board and Black Cover
01014-065 ASM-1 Full-Size Gray Enclosure with Wiring Hub Assembly
01014-365 ASM-1 Full-Size Black Enclosure and Wiring Hub Assembly (without Stuffing Tubes)  
11071-100 ASM-1 Wiring Hub Assembly