Ethernet Network Interface Module Type 2 (NIM-2) with Integrated 6-Port Switch

Features and Benefits

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Communications
  • Integrated 6-Port Switch (1 Port Used Internal)
  • Supports Copper or Fiber (LC or ST) Connections
  • Broad Industrial Protocol and Internet Application Support
  • Network Configuration Tools Integrated in Design Pad
  • Power-Loss Automatic Failover for Copper Ethernet Rings
  • -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F) Operating Range
  • MIL-STD-901D, MIL-STD-167B
  • Supports Hot Swapping

The Chameleon Ethernet Network Interface Module Type 2 (NIM-2) with integrated 6-Port Switch offers 10/100 Mbps copper and fiber optic communications. The heart of the device is a programmable 400MHz PowerPC processor core and Linux compatible operating system with 128MB of DDR RAM and 16MB FLASH. This processing power makes the NIM-2 a capable remote I/O controller, server, and general purpose communications platform. Multiple NIMs (additional NIM-2’s and/or other networking module types) can be combined to form a network gateway, message router, or bridge.

The NIM-2 provides a variety of Internet applications, protocols, and services including support for common industrial protocols such as EtherNet/IP Server, EtherNet/IP Client, Modbus TCP/IP Server, Modbus TCP/IP Client, TCP Messaging, UDP (Unicast/Multicast) Messaging, and SNMP.

The Fairmount Automation Network Data Access (FANDA) SDK provides MS Windows C++ software developers a mechanism to interface with the NIM-2 through an encrypted connection. This connection allows remote devices to securely login, retrieve an XML network definition file that describes what data can be read/written to (both through the shell and multicasts), and allows that data to be read/written in the Chameleon. The interface also provides remote maintenance capabilities. The FANDA SDK is available in the form of a DLL and associated .h file.

Ordering options permit up-to four LC fiber optic ports or up-to two ST fiber optic ports (remaining ports are copper). Each copper port is equipped with 1500 volts isolation and auto-sensing 10/100 Mbps connections. Auto-MDI is also included to provide automatic compensation for crossover wiring errors during installation (i.e. connections are independent of crossover or non-crossover cabling). In addition, two copper ports can be ordered with automatic loop failover relays. This feature automatically connects two ports together (for example the input and output ports on a ring or bus) when power is lost or an on-board failure occurs thereby preventing a network break.

Using Fairmount Automation’s intuitive and easy-to-use graphical programming package (Design Pad) you can develop sophisticated remote I/O control and communications schemes for the NIM-2 in a matter of hours—even without any prior programming experience. Programming the device entails “drawing” a desired control scheme using a vast array of configurable function blocks. These function blocks are wired together to indicate the signal flows from device inputs to device outputs. Design Pad also features network configuration tools for all the supported protocols and applications. Once complete, configuration programs are downloaded to the unit via a wireless IR interface.

Each NIM-2 unit provides 6 three-color LEDs for each port to provide status, activity, and speed indication. The module also has a three-color status LED.

As with all Chameleon modules, the NIM-2 offers unequaled ruggedness. It is specifically designed for sustained operation in severe environments, including those characterized by extreme shock, vibration, electro-magnetic interference, temperature, and humidity. Its fully-sealed enclosure (sealing end-caps not pictured) ensures long-lasting operation in the grimiest settings. In fact, Chameleon modules can operate fully submerged.


Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to 65°C
Storage/Transport Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C
High Impact Shock MIL-STD-901D, Grade A
Mechanical Vibration MIL-STD-167B, 0-50Hz
Facial/Housing Protection NEMA 1,2,4,4X,5,6,12,12K,13
Network Connections Five External and One Internal Switched Ports
Copper Connections Up to Five 10/100Mbps, Twisted Pair Wires, Connected to Screw Terminals, with AutoMDI and 1500 VDC Isolation
LC Fiber Connections Up to Four 10/100Mbps, 1310nm, Multimode or Single Mode
ST Fiber Connections Up to Two 10/100Mbps, 1310nm, Multimode or Single Mode
Services UDP Unicast, UDP Multicast, TCP/IP, SNMP
Protocols EtherNet/IP Client and/or Server, Modbus TCP/IP Client or Server, SNMP, Custom TCP/IP or UDP Messaging
Maximum Power Consumption 4.67W + 0.24W x Qty Copper Ports + 1.37W x Qty Fiber-Optic Ports + 0.8W x Qty Fail-over Relays
Real-Time Clock Battery Life(Minimum; No power applied, 25°C) 10 Years
Supported Cable Diameters Two glands 0.24”-0.47”; six glands 0.16”-0.31”
Supported Wire Gauges 16-28 AWG
Network Port Status Two-color (Green/Yellow) Activity, Speed, and Status LED per Port
Status Readout One three-color (red/yellow/green) LED Indicator
IR Wireless Interface 115kbps SIR
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4” W x 6” L
Enclosure Height 3″ H

The following base module part number includes the enclosure with EMI wiring glands, active board, daughterboard, and wiring hub:

Fairmount Part Number Description
NIM-2[LCX, STY][TF] Specify Build Options as Follows:
LCX with X = 1,2,3,4 indicates number of LC ports (balance of ports are copper)
STY with Y = 1,2 indicates number of ST ports (balance of ports are copper)
May not have LC and ST Ports on same module
TF indicates automatic port-failover on power loss (not available on modules with ST ports)
NIM-2 (Base Model – 1 Internal Port, All Copper External Ports; No Failover)
NIM-2LC2TF (1 Internal Port, 3 Copper Ports, 2 LC Fiber Ports, Port Failover)

Spare/Replacement Parts:

Fairmount Part Number


11025-200 Chameleon Ethernet 6-Port Switch Module (NIM-2) Active Board and Full-Size Cover — Replacement faceplate for NIM-2
11026-100 Chameleon Ethernet 6-Port Switch Module (NIM-2) Wiring Hub Assembly — Replacement W/H for NIM-2
11053-100 Chameleon NIM-2 Daughter Board Assembly with 5 Copper Ports  — Replacement Daughter Board for NIM-2
11053-101 Chameleon NIM-2TF Daughter Board Assembly with 5 Copper Ports and Failover on Power Loss — Replacement Daughter Board for NIM-2TF
11053-104 Chameleon NIM-2LC1 Daughter Board Assembly with 1 LC Fiber Port and 4 Copper Ports — Replacement Daughter Board for NIM-2LC1
11053-105 Chameleon NIM-2LC1TF Daughter Board Assembly with 1 LC Port, 4 Copper Ports, and Failover — Replacement Daughter Board for NIM-2LC1TF
11053-108 Chameleon NIM-2LC2 Daughter Board Assembly with 2 LC Fiber Ports and 3 Copper Ports — Replacement Daughter Board for NIM-2LC2
11054-100 Chameleon NIM-2ST1 Daughter Board Assembly with 1 ST Fiber Port and 4 Copper Ports — Replacement Daughter Board for NIM-2ST1
11054-103 Chameleon NIM-2ST2 Daughter Board Assembly with 2 ST Fiber Ports and 3 Copper Ports — Replacement Daughter Board for NIM-2ST2

See the Selection and Ordering Guide for additional information.