User Configurable Module Type 2 (UCM-2)

Features and Benefits

  • Customizable enclosures with convenient grid to align hardware
  • Seamlessly integrate switches, buttons, alarms and displays with other Chameleon control, data-acquisition, and networking modules for an enclosure-less automation solution
  • Fully Sealed Enclosure (NEMA 4X, 6, 13 Protection)
  • Perfectly suited for use as standalone junction boxes with built in terminal boards
  • Made-to-order keypad text and graphics (add your own logo)
  • Modular architecture provides flexibility and expansion potential
  • Supports Hot Swapping

Fairmount Automation’s Chameleon product line consists of a variety of I/O, networking, user-interface, and power modules that integrate seamlessly to form a high-performance programmable automation controller (PAC).  Every PAC node is fully-sealed, so additional enclosures are not required to protect them from the environment.  The user-configurable modules (UCM) allow control engineers to incorporate other devices into the Chameleon enclosureless solution.  Hardware typically added to a third-party enclosure, such as switches, key-locks, alarms, push-buttons, indicators, relays, etc., can be added to a Chameleon UCM and easily integrated into the control system.  Below are some examples:



User-Configurable Modules are available in two sizes (UCM-1 is the larger size; UCM-2 is the smaller size). They include a convenient grid to align hardware components within the module. Their modular architecture ensures that the aggregate enclosure is only as big as it needs to be for a given application without compromising future expansion needs. In addition, UCMs offer several mounting alternatives, including surface mounting (directly bolted to a machine or device), DIN rail mounting, or pipe mounting (with optional accessories). Optional high-performance isolation mounts can also protect your hardware components from high-impact shock and vibration.

Like all other Chameleon modules, UCMs are equipped with two interconnected PC boards. One board serves as a wiring hub and is attached to the main enclosure—wiring connections made to this board should rarely (if ever) need to be disconnected (even for device maintenance). The second PC board contains connectors for wiring to hardware components added to the UCM. Both this board and the user-added hardware components are mounted on the module’s top cover for easy removal during device operation. This two-board design significantly eases maintenance procedures—if a hardware component added to the UCM should ever fail, an operator can simply replace the top cover without disengaging any wires or even shutting off power to the unit.

In addition to providing a means to incorporate your own hardware into a Chameleon PAC, the UCM is ideally-suited for use as a standalone wiring junction box. It comes equipped “out-of-the-box” with several terminal board connectors, mounting holes for tie-wraps to provide wiring strain-relief, and sealed stuffing tubes for wiring access points. And Chameleon’s build-to-suit framework ensures that your UCM junction box can grow along with your wiring needs.

Fairmount Automation can pre-fabricate UCM units to your custom specifications, including printing your own text, logo, and other graphics on custom keypads. Please contact a Fairmount Automation representative to discuss your specific requirements.

Operating Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to 65°C
Storage/Transport Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to 85°C
High Impact Shock MIL-STD-901D, Grade A
Mechanical Vibration MIL-STD-167B, 0-50Hz
Facial/Housing Protection NEMA 1,2,4,4X,5,6,6P,12,12K,13
Terminal Board Connection Points 20 isolated connections (14-26 AWG)
Wiring Gland Access Points 2 glands for 0.24”-0.47” cables and2 glands for 0.2”-0.32” cables
Maximum Allowed Combined Continuous Current Through All I/O 20 Amps RMS
Electrical I/O to I/O Isolation 1240 VRMS for 1 minute
Maximum Allowed Continuous Current (any single I/O) 2.2 Amps RMS
Maximum Allowed Surge Current (any single I/O) 14.0 Amps RMS
Maximum Allowed Current During Hot-swap (any single I/O at 40% power factor) 4.4 Amps RMS
Supported Cable Diameters Two glands 0.24”-0.47”; two glands 0.16”-0.31”
Supported Wire Gauges

16-28 AWG

Weight 2 lbs
Front Panel Dimensions 2.5” W x 6” L
Enclosure Height 3″ H

The following part numbers can be used when ordering the User Configurable Module Type 2 (UCM-2).

The following base module part numbers include the enclosure with EMI wiring glands, active board, and wiring hub:

Fairmount Part Number


UCM-2 or 01012-005

Chameleon Half-Size User Configurable Module Type-2

Spare/Replacement Parts:

Fairmount Part Number


11023-150 Chameleon User Configurable Module (UCM-2) Half-Size Cover — Blank cover for half-size modules
11023-200 Chameleon User Configurable Module (UCM-2) Active Board and Half-Size Cover — Replacement faceplate for UCM-2, UCM-2NB
11024-100 Chameleon User Configurable Module (UCM-2) Wiring Hub Assembly — Replacement W/H for UCM-2, UCM-2AMI, UCM-2SVI

See the Selection and Ordering Guide for additional information.