Chameleon+™ Programmable Automation Controllers

Chameleon is a family of industrial control, communication, user interface, and power modules that integrate seamlessly to form a high-performance Programmable Automation Controller (PAC). Chameleon PACs offer multi-domain functionality-including logic, motion, and process control-on a single very flexible and highly configurable platform. The Chameleon solution completely blurs the line between the discrete-oriented functionality of traditional Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and the process-oriented functionality of Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and loop controllers.

Chameleon’s modular architecture allows the selection of hardware capabilities to strictly match the specific requirements of a particular application without compromising future expansion needs. You can buy only the equipment you need when you need it.

Chameleon+ is a new generation of our Chameleon products. It was designed to replace obsolete components with modern electronic components and to incorporate new features. We encourage all customers to begin planning a migration of existing and future Chameleon installations to the next-generation Chameleon+. These new modules will be backward compatible and feature:

  • Significantly faster microprocessors and increased memory
  • Cyber security enhancements including secure boot with firmware and configuration validation, intrusion detection, role-based authentication control (RBAC), hardware validation, encrypted files/communication, trust groups, and historical logging with evidence of critical events
  • USB ports that may be used for configuration and/or computer-less programming
  • Module expansion port for installation of optional features such as two-port Ethernet in any full-sized active module