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Product Description

The FAIRNET OPC Server is designed to work on a PC running Windows 95, NT 4.0, 98, 2000, or XP.  The server allows an OPC client (such as WonderWare or I.C.A.S.) to connect and interact with field devices running on a FairNET network.  For example, you can display important system information from remote FAC-2000 or Chameleon nodes or bring a controller from automatic to manual and alter its output.

Setting up the OPC Server is accomplished in Design Pad.  Simply add an OPC server to the network and indicate what signals you desire to pass through to the OPC server.  Design Pad will process this and output the necessary information to properly set up the server.

Fairmount Part NumberDescription
92004-000FairNET OPC DA Server for the FAC-2000
92008-000FairNET OPC DA Server for Chameleon and FAC-2100

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