A link from a PC or laptop to Chameleon is required to (initially) program and interface with the device.  In most cases, this link is in the form of wireless IR using an adapter.

The IR adapter can plug into your computer’s RS-232 serial or USB port.  Due to inconsistencies with laptop RS-232 ports it is recommended that a USB to RS-232 converter be used (which then connects to the RS-232 IR adapter.)

Note: Do not use a native USB based IR adapter — the adapter must be RS-232.

Fairmount Part Number Description
01004-001 RS-232 Serial Port to IR Adaptor (not recommended)
21029-000 IR Adapter Chameleon Holder
01004-002 USB to RS232 to IR Adapter
01004-102 USB to RS232 to IR Adapter with Holder
(includes both 21029-000 and 01004-002)